Why your relationships needs a second chance

There are a lot of times when we think that maybe they want to reconcile and want to get back, maybe some text or a missed call makes us think that way. However, there are 5 definite signs that show that your ex wants you back in their life.

Number 1, they reminisce about the past moments. This is a trip down the memory lane. It may contain you being shown things you guys did together. Number 2, while they are on the reminiscing path, they will use it to make you emotional. A picture of you both together from the past, with a message saying they miss you or they love you is a sure sign of being emotional and making you emotional too.

They get all territorial, this occurs in the form that they might ask you about something you did or said on social media.

The fourth signal that they give is that they are finding ways to meet up with you. Either it is for getting some very negligible thing at your place or in your car. And last but not the least, they are now available for you.

All of these are sure signals that your ex wants you back. However, what should you do when you find yourself in this situation?

If you are not in another relationship and you think that you too have feelings for then them give it a try. Otherwise, stay out from it and do not in any way show your ex any signal of interest.

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