What you need to do to impress her on the first date?

Girls are unpredictable. They smile and look pretty but you never know what is going on in their sensitive minds so one should be prepared before asking a girl out on first date.
There are few things that guys should take care of if they want a girl they like to say yes to them for first date; ponder, what are the chances of rejections?

You can know about that by discovering if she already has a boyfriend or she is in an intricate relationship, whether she is ready for a new start or not. Be courteous, girls love polite and well-dressed guys.
You must be pleasant and ask nicely but not bluntly. Start by a smile and small conversation then suggest her that we should go out sometime, if she agrees with you on this then go on confirming the tie and place.
Right timing, make sure your timing of asking her is not bad.

Find out if she is in a hurry to go somewhere. Did she come from somewhere looking thoughtful or upset?

Are their people around her whom she doesn’t trust? Note the body language as body languages say a lot that can’t be said on face, if her arms are folded tight around her maybe she is in no mood to even answer about the nice weather!

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