What is True Love?

All of us want to be loved. There are multiple times when we get attracted to people and we think that we have fallen in love. However, what goes wrong that the true love then turns to true hate when things go wrong. The simple answer is, that was not true love.

The thing about true love is that it is beautiful and it does not demand anything from you. When you truly fall in love you feel a connection, a bonding, and a very strong attachment towards the other person.

There are no hidden spots in true love. When people truly love each other they do not hide stuff from the other person. There is a level of trust and loyalty that is so strong that they both feel more strengthened by it.

Moreover, true love is not about lustful desires. It is when you find comfort in the silent company of each other. True love is when you know that you both support each other on all levels.

True love is the kind of respect that you give to your partner in the form of unconditional and infinite love.

When you truly fall in love with someone, it brings out the best in you not only towards your partner, but for the rest of the world too. You start seeing things from a new and beautiful perspective. True loves brings out the kindness in you because now you value your heart’s opinion more than your brain’s.

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