Tell her you Love her

Do you remember the first time you told her that you loved her? Do you remember her super excited reaction and how she flushed and blushed? That moment was one of the best moments of her life. No matter what happens she will always remember that moment and will always smile when she will remember it. This is the power of these three simple words.

However, when was the last time you told her you loved her? Maybe some days ago, or maybe when you were making love to her. Well, that is not a bad thing and you should often tell her how much you love her.

There is something special about these words and the effect they have on your girl. When you tell her in the morning that you love her, it is enough to make her day and keep her smiling and cheerful throughout the day.

Girls are not complicated beings; however, they require to be loved and to be told often how much they mean to you. Your girl loves you a lot and you may find her saying I love you to you more often. This is her way of showing her love, and she may not say it but she loves it when you say it too. You may show it to her through your actions, but some words are just too special and enhance the essence of every action. They add a certain charm to your love life and make sure that you both stay in a tight bond.

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