Signs she is not just that into you

Sometimes you get caught up in the middle ground where you do not know whether she is treating you just like a friend and genuinely does not want to indulge in anything more, or is she just trying to give you hints for something more. You can easily determine this by looking at these simple facts. Read more

He misses you

Men are not very open when it comes to feelings. Often times, they themselves are not aware of what they are feeling as they consider certain feelings to not be a part of their entire emotional system. Yet, they are human beings and like all human being men too have feelings. However, the various ways that men express various feelings and sentiments is different from ladies. Let us talk about how a man expresses the feeling of missing the girl he loves. Read more

Tell her you Love her

Do you remember the first time you told her that you loved her? Do you remember her super excited reaction and how she flushed and blushed? That moment was one of the best moments of her life. No matter what happens she will always remember that moment and will always smile when she will remember it. This is the power of these three simple words. Read more