How to express your Feelings

So you have been dating for a time and you find in all this time that the man you are dating is the ideal person you always wanted to be with. He is the man of your dreams. He is everything that you ever imagined your man to be and much more.

The only thing that is missing in the whole equation now is somehow letting your feelings be known to him. This is the stage where you feel your heart pounding and you have absolutely no idea how you will get about it. However, it is not as difficult as it may see. There are just some of the things that you need to keep in mind.

The first thing is the timing. This is a very big revelation that you would do in front of your guy and no matter what happens you have to see that he is in his comfort zone. When you decide to tell him about your feelings make sure that you time it right. Timing is the key factor here.

Secondly, do not worry about the consequences. Just focus on letting him know what you feel about him and how much he matters to you. Secondly, if your timing is right and you are absolutely sure that he is the one then chance are in your favor that he will also have the same feelings for you and would have been as nervous about telling you about it.

One important thing that you need to avoid is talking about past relationships. You may have mentioned them during your dating period but it is not a good idea to do a compare and contrast to the guy you love. It is a time to make a new bond and start a new journey, and dwelling in the past will not provide any favorable circumstances for you.

Be direct and be yourself and let the magic of love do the rest.

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