Do not play games

A relationship is a very sensitive element of your life and it will grow only the way you will mould it. However, we often find one partner or both, in some cases, who play games and often go to the points of testing each other out.

The advantage of this is that you get to know how much the other person is into you and how much importance your partner gives you. However, if you really ask yourself one simple question, is it fair that you play these games with your partner where you put them in such a position that they start thinking what is wrong with them, the relationship itself, and you. The quick answer is no.

As much as these “games” seem to be a spark generating element in your relationship, they also work as a slow extinguisher in your relationship. The reason being that it is never a good idea to push someone to the limits that they stop caring about anything. You see the thing about these supposedly harmless games is that they suck the originality out of your relationship and the other partner seems as if they are doing a poor job at keeping you happy. This causes a very depressing situation and there comes a point when it start to affect the relationship in a very bad manner. And when that stage arises, nothing you do stops the ship to crumble.

Be yourself and enjoy your time. Do not indulge in playing games and give your hundred percent to the relationship and show your partner that you care about them and love them.

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