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Why Men today won’t commit

This is the basic problem of this era with almost majority of the men around. Just when a girl thinks that things have made progress and it is time that the guy will commit, the guy proves her wrong and vanishes from the scene as if nothing had occurred between the two of you. Why […]

Signs she is not just that into you

Sometimes you get caught up in the middle ground where you do not know whether she is treating you just like a friend and genuinely does not want to indulge in anything more, or is she just trying to give you hints for something more. You can easily determine this by looking at these simple […]

How you can make her feel pleasant

Comfort and pleasure in a relationship is indeed sought and desired by every human being. And to make it become real, certainly not wait for miracles come approached your relationship. You own that should create a pleasant atmosphere together with the couple so that you also get the same thing same blissful from a partner. […]

Why men is always choosy while finding a partner

The life of romance or married life is having a considerable influence on the development and condition of the emotional person. People who have a good romance life are believed to have stable emotional conditions. So that is one thing that is important when choosing a mate, as this will determine your happiness in your […]