Accept your Mistakes

The turning point of a relationship comes when one partner or both of them act stubborn. This stubbornness is in terms of not accepting your mistakes. The thing about a relationship is that as much as it requires love and trust, it also requires a little bit of compromise and accepting your mistakes as you make them.

There is no achievement in being a ‘winner’ of any argument in your relationship that may make you a winner but will not provide any happiness to both of you. When a person does not accept their mistake and continue to think that they did not do anything bad, it starts to shake the foundations of the relationship. However, if you simply accept your Mistake and apologize to your partner, it will make a lot of things better for the both of you. Moreover, you will also be able to gain much respect of your partner.

As for the other party is concerned, you should also make sure that you do not budge your partner and do not continue to keep reminding them about their fault. Give them some time to realize, however, let them know that it has hurt you. A bit of patience will do wonders?

Furthermore, both the partners should have a forgive and forget attitude towards each other. This is because it is very important to bury the hatchet and do not bring it back in your life again.


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