3 Ways He is Going to Miss you

It might seem like a very devious thing to do, but sometimes you want to let your partner miss you in order to revive the spark in your relationship and to make your relationship more healthy. However, you should not make it a habit otherwise, the relationship will lose its charm and all the spark will start to fade away. Here are some of the tips and tricks that will allow you to make him miss you and would ignite the spark that you want so bad.

Slow down communication

This does not mean that you do not respond to him, it simply means that for a while change the habit of being the first one to call or text him. Moreover, limit your social media posts too. When he texts, wait a few minutes or hours before you text him back and tell him that you were very busy. The trick is that you do not sound as if you are avoiding him, because if that happens that would turn out in a very negative direction.

Use Subtleties

This means that you can use a signature scent of yours whenever you are around him, so hat when you are not with him, the similar perfume will let him think of you. Or you can leave a thing or two of yours such as your hairbrush or your hairclip in his house or his car that when he looks at them he thinks of you.

Be independent

This means that you should have a life of your own and spend some time away from him too. Go out with friends, have fun and when you return ell him all about it and how much fun you had.

The most important thing here is to remember that you are not supposed to shove him away or make him feel as if you are not prioritizing him. What you should do is you should give yourself some time and not be too available for him so that he realizes that what a beautiful thing you are for him.

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