Accept your Mistakes

The turning point of a relationship comes when one partner or both of them act stubborn. This stubbornness is in terms of not accepting your mistakes. The thing about a relationship is that as much as it requires love and trust, it also requires a little bit of compromise and accepting your mistakes as you make them. Read more

Everyone has a past and it may have a good or a bad impact on people.

The experiences of the past are very important as they teach a lot of things to people, especially when these experiences are your past relationships. Read more

Do not play games

A relationship is a very sensitive element of your life and it will grow only the way you will mould it. However, we often find one partner or both, in some cases, who play games and often go to the points of testing each other out. Read more

How to express your Feelings

So you have been dating for a time and you find in all this time that the man you are dating is the ideal person you always wanted to be with. He is the man of your dreams. He is everything that you ever imagined your man to be and much more. Read more

He Wants a Break

There may com a point in some couples life when your man may want to have a little break from the relationship. Often, a break is considered a red signal in a relationship. However, it is not the case always. Read more